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About The Classes And Boat Rentals!
 The class will be 3 hours and will cover the practical application of the principals of sailing and will give the students the basic knowledge needed to successfully control and sail a boat to a desired location. It will also cover safe boat handling and some basic seamanship. Then there will be hands on training on a US Yachts 18 which can handle 4 students comfortably. The US Yachts 18 is a dry and comfortable boat, but we suggest that you bring warm jacket and gear because it can be cool out on the water. We also recommend bringing sun screen, hat, gloves, and water. Most of the classes will be at Windsor Lake Colorado, price of the 3 hour leasons is $80.00 per student, we also have a 24 hour cancelation policy or fee up to $30.00 may apply.

 We also have several boats available for rent, the 12ft Holder is a fast and fun
easy to sail 2 person boat and rents for
$60 for 3 hrs. or 7 hrs. for $120 and a Chrysler 15 that is easy to sail it can hold up to 4 and is $90 for 3 hrs. or 7 hrs. for $180. Go to our contact page and give us a call to reserve your spot!
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